After an extensive business career, from the military to industry to Wall Street to being a co-founder of a company that went public, as well as the owner/operator of other businesses, Tom Balderston has retired and now writes. He is a dedicated servant of the Lord and will openly discuss his faith and how he became a convicted Christian. With 10 grandchildren and 4 married children he enjoys family time. His wife is a committed Christian. Their greatest prayer is that all the family members will have their hearts, minds and souls receptive to the love and Word of God.

He has written two non-fiction Christian books, Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman and The Proven God. He writes a Blog published weekly on the subject of Understanding Islam ( His first novel, The Damascus Quran, is available. Another novel, The Wonder of Terra, will be released in March 2015 (now available thru Tate). Many readers have gained from his insight and explanations on his faith in Christ, as well his thoughts and commentary that aid in addressing doubts about Islam. Tom also speaks at group Bible Studies, as well as leading one of his own for over 5 years.

Author’s book is published through Tate Publishing, a mainline publishing house dedicated to working with aspiring authors and giving their book its best chance in the marketplace. If you’ve ever thought about publishing a book, you should visit Tate Publishing.